UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine

Election for the next President

Report from President, Prof Mariella Catalano

28th August 2016

In accordance with the UEMS rules, I will have completed my Presidency, after being elected for 2 mandates, at the Board meeting in November 2016. I had the pleasure to build up along with the Member of the UEMS Board, our Division, obtaining respect from the other UEMS components as well as relevant, concrete results. In the meantime I’m proud to have been able to work in the respect of principles of UEMS as well as in respect of personal loyalty and commitment for the common aims by the group In late October 2007 The UEMS Council has approved our Division and it has been activated in Bruxelles in 2008. This has been in itself an extremely relevant step for Angiology/Vascular Medicine, finally recognised at European level, after 10 years of the hard work of VAS-Vascular-Independent Research and EducationEuropean Organization- with the agreement of National Societies (first VAS official application 2000). From that point onward, through coordination at our yearly meetings, many concrete and historical results for our discipline have been obtained at the European level, while at the same time strengthening Angiology/Vascular Medicine at various individual National levels, some of the most notable being:

  • Creation of the Board of the Division (today 19 Countries/Societies are represented)
  • Publication of all the documents, minutes, history et. online (http://www.vas-int.net/uems2.html
  • Definition of the Policy Statement
  • Definition of Angiology/Vascular Medicine
  • UEMS Council Approval of the Document on Chapter 6 for A/VM and its publication on Int Ang
  • Creation of the EBEAVM  Activation of CESMA-UEMS European Exam (2016, 4th Edition) with computerised theory and oral evaluation to obtain the UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine.
  • Achievement of A/VM Membership in the CESMA Board
  • MJC Phlebology : solved problems and great collaboration
  • Thematic federation on Wound Healing: accepted invitation to join and proposal for our Members
  • UEMS Council approval of the Document “UEMS Training Requirement for Angiology/Vascular Medicine” (published on Int. Ang), the most important Document ever published for A/VM and its recognition at the European /International level.
  • Launching Applications for becoming UEMS Accredited European Training Centre (Accreditation given by UEMS Division, after the Validation Process by VAS, VAS ETC Validation Committee). First Applications already arrived.
  • Drafting a Letter to be used at national level, supporting A/VM Specialty, offer to be endorsed by the existing European Organizations.

The activity of the Division has also been supported by several qualified European Educational activities defined by VAS for the European Specialists and Students also in collaboration with Universities, different Organizations, with EACCME (European Master, several European Courses, upcoming European Book, ELearning platform…) and the Division has endorsed the “PAD&Vascular European Days”(4th Edition in in 2017) . Besides all of the above we have created a relaxed climate with other Scientific Sessions, having positive contacts with their Members in the different Bodies or with their Presidents. From our internal prospective we have been defending the principles of:

  • Equality between all the Countries represented in the Board (no leader Countries)
  • Independence from economic as well as from “political” interests  Avoid overlapping, with respect of competences
  • Respect of the rules and roles of the other different Organizations/Sections as well as of our Division
  • Collaboration and loyal relationship between the Members of the Board and with the UEMS Bodies with the commune aims of social benefit

We have now a strong Division, collaborative and respected by other Bodies, proud of its mandate. We have two existing and already activated opportunities that have to be implemented: the dissemination of the CESMA-UEMS European Exam to obtain the UEMS European Diploma (by EBEAVM) and the UEMS Accreditation of the European Training Centres (trough the Validation Process by VAS). They can both help the European quality of our offer as well as the National significance of A/VM. In the next year we hope to have more Specialty recognised at National level to achieve the necessary proportion to become a Section and in the future to become part of the EU Directives. In any case our Division has already well demonstrated to be able to obtain relevant results and we have to continue in this way. Work has still to be done at first to enforce the National situations. A/VM has an important role in the health defence and improvement at National and European level, our citizen and patients have the right to have a qualified medical reference as well as our Specialists and our Centres need to be recognized and expanded.

Personally I will continue my activity in the Board of Division to support the new President and the Board, to sustain our principles, to achieve new results and to support the UEMS and the CESMA aims. I have also to thank first at all the Board of our Division for the relevant support, the UEMS Council for their work and for the correctness on taking position, the CESMA Board for the huge, creative work done and for their excellent support, the Board of the Internal Medicine Section of which our Division is part, for respecting our activities and initiatives also supporting them with suggestions and official positions. For the election that will be held during the next UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine Meeting, the 25th November 2016, as already announced, proposals for President are welcome, to be addressed to my office before the 20th September. Considering the benefit of the Division from my previous experience, I’ve my personal suggestions that I will discuss with the single Members of the Board to arrive with, hopefully, a final proposal or with a definite range of proposals.

Mariella Catalano

President UEMS Division of Angiology/Vascular Medicine

Director Research Center on Vascular Diseases and Angiology Unit

University of Milan- H. Sacco